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IOS Document Manager - Versions

The stand-alone version of IOS DMI is designed for single-user to enterprise-wide implementations.  It can be run in-house on an intranet, over the internet, or for a monthly fee through an ASP model.
This version of DMI uses standard user and group based security that mimics windows file system security.  This allows easy management of user logins and their permissions inside the document manager.  This security scheme is simple enough to be managed by personal and small-business users but also powerful enough to handle corporate implementations.
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Application Add-On
For developers who need document management capabilities integrated into their software, IOS offers the application add-on version of DMI.  DMI's plug-in capabilities allows tight integration with your software.  The folder structure can be locked and synchronized with data from your application.  Users and security can also be controlled directly from your application. 
Maintenance is a snap with the DMI Add-On version.  Since both the stand-alone and add-on versions are built on the same core components, all DMI will also apply to your installed customer-base. 
For more information on integrated IOS DMI with your application, please contact us.
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