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IOS Document Manager - Features

Complete Web-Based System
Access documents from anywhere, anytime!  IOS DMI is designed to function in an Intranet environment or even over the internet. 

DMI mimics the standard windows file system security so assigning permissions is easy and intuitive.

Version Management
Built-in version control allows documents to be checked in and out by users, maintaining the integrity of your files at all times.  On each checkin, a version history is automatically stored creating an extensive history archive.

Integrated Scanning
Use any TWAIN compliant device to scan documents directly into IOS DMI.  Our scanning module is even capable of utilizing scanners with built in document feeders.  These documents can then be saved in a number of different formats including Adobe PDF!

Thumbnail View
Thumbnail view displays the thumbnail images of all documents in a particular folder, allowing for easy management of filenames when dealing with images and scanned documents.

Extended Information
When a document is uploaded to DMI, the system automatically pulls out extended information about some document types.  This includes EXIF information embedded in the images, as well as detailed information about the author, title, page count, etc of a Microsoft Office document.

Plug-in Modules
DMI includes an extensive Plug-in framework that allows the system to be seamlessly integrated into other vendors applications.  For more information on DMI integration, see the Versions page.
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